How to run TRD in Docker

It is possible to run TRD within Docker.

You will need a pre-existing configuration file. It is recommended to run script outside of docker, then put the configuration yaml file in the cfg folder mounted in the container.

The following mount points are expected:

  • pymnt folder containing the overall folder structure

  • pymnt/cfg folder for the configuration file created before

Access to a signer endpoint and node endpoint are assumed in the host network.

Here are the steps:

  1. Build the Docker container:

docker build -t trdo/tezos-reward-distributor .
  1. Alternatively, you can pull directly the official tezos-reward-distributor Docker image:

docker pull trdo/tezos-reward-distributor
  1. Run the container:

docker run --network=host -v $(pwd)/pymnt:/app/pymnt:z trdo/tezos-reward-distributor --base_directory /app/pymnt <ARGS>

<ARGS> are the other arguments that you would normally pass to the TRD program.

In a microservice environment, omit –network=host, instead, specify the signer service using the –signer_endpoint and the Tezos node service using the –node_endpoint arguments to TRD.