How to configure TRD?

Fee Setup

The file has been deprecated.
Advanced user: You can change the values at src/pay/

Baker Configuration:

Each baker has its own configuration and policy. Therefore, a payment system should be flexible enough to cover the needs of bakers. The application uses a yaml file for loading baker specific configurations and is loaded at every start. There are two options to create a custom yaml file:

  1. You can use the interactive configuration tool (

  2. You can copy&paste the example config from ~/tezos-reward-distributor/examples into ~/pymnt/cfg, rename and change it according to your baker policy.

If you want to use Option a, you can use

# Move into tezos-reward-distributor directory
cd tezos-reward-distributor
# Run the interactive configuration tool
python3 src/

If you want to use Option b, you can use

# create directory
mkdir -p ~/pymnt/cfg/
# Copy & Paste
cp tezos-reward-distributor/examples/tz1boot1pK9h2BVGXdyvfQSv8kd1LQM6H889.yaml ~/pymnt/cfg/
# Edit the file with nano
nano ~/pymnt/cfg/tz1boot1pK9h2BVGXdyvfQSv8kd1LQM6H889.yaml

By default, configuration files are kept under ~/pymnt/cfg directory. The configuration directory can be changed with “-f” configuration option. The name of a configuration file should be the baker’s address (e.g. tz1boot1pK9h2BVGXdyvfQSv8kd1LQM6H889.yaml). If you want to use with a decimal operator within your config, please use a decimal point.

Available configuration parameters are:


Address of the baker. It must be an implicit account (tz1). No alias is allowed.


baking_address: tz1boot1pK9h2BVGXdyvfQSv8kd1LQM6H889

This is the address where payments will be done from. A PKH of implicit or originated account is accepted. For more information on the payment address configuration please refer to the next section. No alias is allowed.


payment_address: tz1boot1pK9h2BVGXdyvfQSv8kd1LQM6H889

There are two options for calculating the total rewards earned by a baker at the end of each cycle. If this parameter is missing, ‘actual’ rewards take affect.

  • ‘actual’: Rewards are calculated based on the actual number of bakes, at any round. Transaction fees, bonuses and other block rewards are included in the rewards when earned. If a bake is missed, rewards are not earned and therefore not included. If endorsement rewards are not earned due to a failure to reveal a nonce or excessive unavailability of your baker, is it not included.

  • ‘ideal’: Deprecated.


rewards_type: actual

A decimal in range [0-100]. Also known as the baker’s fee. This is evaluated as a percentage value. Example: If set to 5, then 5% of baking rewards are kept as a service fee by the baker.


service_fee: 10

A dictionary of PKH and ratio (decimal in the range [0-1]) pairs. Each item in this dictionary represents PKH of each founder and his ratio of the shares coming from the service fee. Implicit or originated addresses are accepted. It is important that the sum of all ratios equals to 1. This map is optional if founders do not want to be paid from service fees, in this case, service fee remains in baking balance.


    {'tz3VxS7ff4YnZRs8b4mMP4WaMVpoQjuo1rjf' : 0.6,
     'tz1PirboZKFVqkfE45hVLpkpXaZtLk3mqC17' : 0.4}

Alice and Bob are both founders of Acme Bakery. Their bakery fee is 10%. Alice has a 60% (0.6) interest in the bakery, and Bob has a 40% (0.4) interest. When rewards are delivered at the end of each cycle, 10% is taken as the bakery fee (ie: service_fee). That 10% is then divided between Alice and Bob according to their ratios.


A dictionary of PKH and ratio ( decimal in the range [0-1]) pairs. Each item in this dictionary represents PKH of each balance owner and his ratio of the amount he owns in the total baking balance. Implicit or originated addresses are accepted. It is important that the sum of all ratios equals to 1. This map is optional if owners do not want to be paid for baking rewards, in this case, baking rewards remain in baking balance.


Current Baker Balance: 17,400 tez
Total Delegations: 69,520 tez
Total Staked: 86,920 tez

service_fee: 9
  {'tz1PV5g16m9hHMAVJ4Hx6NzzUHgksDnTLFcK' : 0.4,
   'tz1PirboZKFVqkfE45hVLpkpXaZtLk3mqC17' : 0.4,
   'tz1VxS7ff4YnZRs8b4mMP4WaMVpoQjuo1rjf' : 0.2}

Charlie, and Dave, have each transfered 6,960 tez to the baker address. Edwin has transfered 3,480 tez. They are each partial owners of the baking balance. When rewards are delivered at the end of each cycle, 9% is taken as the bakery fee (ie: service_fee). That 9% is dispersed to any founders. If there are no founders, that 9% remains in the baker’s balance. The baker address is technically a delegator to itself. Its share of rewards are part of the overall cycle rewards. Charlie, Dave, and Edwin divide the “baker address rewards” as per the ratios in owners_map. Additionally, owners are not subject to the service_fee.


A dictionary of PKH and fee (decimal in the range [0-100] ) pairs. This dictionary can be used to set special service fee values for desired delegators.


specials_map : {'tz3VxS7ff4YnZRs8b4mMP4WaMVpoQjuo1rjf' : 5,
                'tz1PirboZKFVqkfE45hVLpkpXaZtLk3mqC17' : 5}

A set of PKH values. Each PKH represents a supporter of the baker. Supporters are not charged with a service fee. Founders and balance owners are natural supporters, they are not needed to be added.


supporters_set : {'tz3VxS7ff4YnZRs8b4mMP4WaMVpoQjuo1rjf',

A minimum delegation amount can be set here. If this value is set to 10, 10 tez are required as minimum. It is important to define what happens to the rewards of excluded delegates that are below the minimum delegation balance in rules_map.


min_delegation_amt : 10

A minimum payment amount can be set here. If this value is set to 10, 10 tez are required as minimum. Inherits behavior of excluded delegates set for min_delegation_amt.


min_payment_amt : 10

True/False - If True, an account to be paid found with a 0 balance will be reactivated, incurring the necessary burn fee and storage, and rewards will be sent. If False, any account with a 0 balance will be skipped payment. This will be noted in the CSV report.


reactivate_zeroed : True

Default value is true. If set to false, the transfer fee for each payment is paid by the delegate. Otherwise, the transfer fee is deducted from the delegator reward.


delegator_pays_xfer_fee : False

True/False - Functions just like delegator_pays_xfer_fee, except refers to the burn/reactivation fee. If True, the burn fee is subtracted from the reward payment (ie: delegate pays). If False, burn fee is paid for by baker. If reactivate_zeroed: True and delegator_pays_ra_fee: True but the reward is smaller than the burn fee, their rewards will be ignored and will simply remain at the bakers address.


delegator_pays_ra_fee : False

Note: This option does also apply to the burn fee needed to payout to kt accounts.

True/False - Baker may get rewarded for denunciating another baker’s equivocation (double baking or double endorsing). The protocol rewards the baker including the denunciation. When True, these rewards will be distributed. When False, they will remain in the baker’s account, allowing the baker to reimburse the party at fault if they desire. Must be set to True when using RPC backend as RPC is not able to itemize rewards.


pay_denunciation_rewards: True

The rules_map is needed to redirect payments. A pre-defined source (left side) is mindelegation. Pre-defined destinations (right side) are: TOF = to founders balance, TOB = to bakers balance, and TOE = to everyone. Variable sources and destinations are PKHs. New since v8.0 PKH: Dexter enables payouts to Dexter liquidity pools.


  tz1T5woJN3r7SV5v2HGDyA5kurhbD9Y8ZKHZ: TOF                                         #(redirects payment from tz1T5woJN3r7SV5v2HGDyA5kurhbD9Y8ZKHZ to founders)
  tz1YTMY7Zewx6AMM2h9eCwc8TyXJ5wgn9ace: TOB                                         #(payment to tz1YTMY7Zewx6AMM2h9eCwc8TyXJ5wgn9ace will remain in the bakers balance)
  tz1V9SpwXaGFiYdDfGJtWjA61EumAH3DwSyT: tz1fgX6oRWQb4HYHUT6eRjW8diNFrqjEfgq7        #(redirects payment from tz1V9S... to tz1fgX...)
  tz1RMmSzPSWPSSaKU193Voh4PosWSZx1C7Hs: Dexter                                      #(indicates address is a dexter pool; TRD will send rewards to pool members)
  mindelegation: TOE                                                                #(mindelegation will be shared with everyone)

Please consult the plugins docs for more details on the configuring the various plugins.