Run as Linux Service (WIP)ΒΆ

Alternatively, it is possible to add tezos-reward-distributer as a Linux service. It can run in the background.

If docker is used, make sure user is in docker group

sudo usermod -a -G docker $USER

In order to set up the service with default configuration arguments, run the following command:

sudo python3


If you do not want to use the default arguments, append any arguments you wish to change after They will be appended to call. For example if you want to change configuration directory:

sudo python3 -f ~/payment/config/

It will create a service file and use it to enable the service. Once enabled use following commands to start/stop the service.

sudo systemctl start tezos-reward.service
sudo systemctl stop tezos-reward.service

In order to see service status:

systemctl status tezos-reward.service

In order to see logs:

journalctl --follow --unit=tezos-reward.service